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Announcement: Artwork for LiveMetallica.com Soundboard Recordings

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MetCoverArt will not be making alternate cover artwork for any of the World Magnetic Tour's official soundboard recordings. There are usable, attractive covers being provided on LiveMetallica in the form of PDF Neato templates. For anyone who can't print the Neato templates, there are cropped JPG versions available in our gallery that can be printed using regular methods, in addition to a universal inlay (since inlays are not provided by LiveMet). We recommend using CoverXP to automatically print covers at the correct sizes.

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Information on printing the Neato templates can be found at http://livemetallica...help.aspx#faq6a

Why can't I print the labels correctly?
All the CD labels, tray inserts, and booklets are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). The labels are designed for Neato label templates, available here. Please make sure you have Adobe Reader 6.x (available for free at http://www.adobe.com).

Please adjust your print settings in Adobe Reader as follows:

1. Page Scaling: NONE
2. Auto Rotate and Center: CHECKED