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Vancouver B.C May 25, 1992 previously uncirculated audience audio

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Posted 05 February 2024 - 09:39 PM

Hey now!

I just shared my recording from Vancouver B.C. 1992 on TTD and I thought that maybe someone here might want to take a shot at making some decent coverartworx for it...

While we did include some coverart with it, it's kind of basic and rough, you know? Neither Leif nor I are graphic designers, you know? LOL!!!


It certainly isn't the best sounding recording that I've ever made in three plus decades of taping concerts, but after all this time it is worth listening to.


Here's a copy / paste of the info file for it. Maybe that will give some artwork maker enough to go by to make some CD / DVD Audio covers? There's a 16/44.1 version and a 24/96 version available...



Metallica - Wherever We May Roam Tour
May 25th, 1992 (Monday) - 1992-05-25
Vancouver, B.C.
Pacific Coliseum
Analog ReMaster 16bit / 44.1kHz CD Version

Source: Audioarchivist in Section I Row 12 Seat 11 beside stage to the left > Sony ECM PC-62 Stereo Mic in hat > borrowed AIWA cassette-corder with auto-gain (possibly HS-J10, HS-J505, or an HS-J800 with a broken auto-reverse mechanism) > 2x Sony Metal-SR 90 plus 1 side of Sony UX90 cassette masters

Transfer: Master tapes > Harmon Kardon TD212 (Dolby off, azimuth adjusted) > Edirol R-09HR @ 24 bit 96 khz

Mastering: iZotope RX Advanced 6 [Azimuth utility, adaptive phase alignment and adaptive level matching] > WavePad Masters Edition 6.05 [speed fix 1.8%, amplify, EQ, 16/44, tracking] > FLAC 8 via Trader's Little Helper

00 intro film                        22:53
01 Ecstasy of Gold                    01:57
02 Enter Sandman                    05:35
03 Creeping Death                    08:20
04 Harvester of Sorrow                    06:58
05 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Part 1 [cut]        02:03
-tape flip-
06 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Part 2 [cont'd]        05:18
07 Sad But True                        05:54
08 Of Wolf and Man                    04:14
09 The Four Horsemen                    08:51
10 Bass Solo (incl. My Friend of Misery + Orion)    08:30
11 Through the Never                    04:47
12 The Unforgiven                    07:07
-tape flip-
13 ...And Justice For All Medley            11:00
14 Drum Solo (and teases)                15:45
15 Guitar Solo                        09:20
16 Nothing Else Matters                    06:07
17 For Whom the Bell Tolls                05:26
18 Fade to Black Part 1 [cut]                00:12
-tape flip-
19 Fade to Black Part 2 [cont'd]            07:28
20 Whiplash                        05:25
21 encore break                        03:22
22 Prowler [Iron Maiden]                02:14
23 Master of Puppets                    03:50
24 Seek & Destroy                    17:45
-tape flip-
25 encore break                        02:43
26 One                            10:07
27 Last Caress [Misfits]                02:49
28 Am I Evil? [Diamond Head]                03:25
29 Battery                        05:05
30 encore break                        03:02
31 Breadfan                        04:16
32 exit                            03:29

Total Time:                                 03:35:23


Audioarchivist taping and transfer notes:
Not my best recording, by far (haha) but since no other tapes have seemed to surface from this show in almost 3 decades now, it's probably time to dust it off and get it out... Second show of a big weekend for Metallica in Vancouver! The first show is on video on youtube, so it's widely available, but this second show 2 days later seems to have only been covered by me, so here it is for the sake of completeness.

My regular recording walkman had been dropped at another show prior to this one. Concrete arena floors don't really play nice with delicate metal and plastic audio gear for some reason when gravity is involved! It was in the repair shop with HyTekFred and his gang of fixers, gluing and welding and sewing it all back together. Intensive care. "We can rebuild him. We have the technology..." haha! So when this show rolled around, and I still didn't have my six million dollar recorder, I borrowed another recorder from...? I can't remember if Fred had this other one, or if it was "from his shop" or if someone else like Wade maybe had one that I used? I really don't remember what model number it was. I did use the ECM-PC62 Sony mic that came with my WM D3 in this other unknown stereo recorder. Man what a rotten recorder! LOL

Knowing that my awesome walkman wasn't going to be there and that I had to use the consolation prize low quality recorder to tape with, I wasn't very enthused by being at the show, but at least I tried to be respectful, unlike a former "friend" that I went to the show with. He was just a piece of crap. He grabbed my mic and started "singing along" for parts of the call and response section of "Seek & Destroy", which did kinda go on a bit too long. I did some spectral editing with iZotope RX Advanced 6 to try and minimize my dumbass ex-friend's impact. Manually attenuating the selected formants of his voice alone, I basically turned him down in the mix when he appeared. I usually just sort of fast forward over that section anyway when I playback the show.... Drags on too long! LOL But at least now he's in the mic a lot less. Still there, but manageable.

There's low end rumble noise whooshing in and out from the recorder. Not a high end piece of gear! Haha! So there's not a lot of bass. But, Metallica fans should be used to that by now, right? Hehe. If you drink enough, it sounds fine... ;) Really bright and tinny sound from my mic that didn't do nice things to the auto-gain on the recorder. My tape deck that I did the transfer on might be running a tad fast intermittently, like some tapes I've played seem fast, but others don't. I'm thinking this could be recorder issues from shows from long ago. So, speed and pitch might be slightly off, but I don't think it sounds obviously Chipmonk-ish or anything. Still better than not hearing the show for 29 years, right? Happy anniversary!

So, yeah, I still can't believe that I was the only one there recording. If there's a better source for this show, what are you waiting for - bring it! But, I get why maybe you haven't got your unreleased un-found upgrade out yet, Mr. 2nd imaginary taper! I still have lots of shows from decades ago that still need to find their way out... This one makes that list one show shorter! More to come...


LeifH mastering notes:
Kinda brittle master tape sound with an embedded pulse from the record unit.  Added some low end and rolled back the highs with equalization.  Not perfect, but adding additional bass brings out the worst of the cassette deck and boomy room sound of the arena.  


I attached the low res art that is included. There are HiRes scans of the tapes and ticket with the torrent at TTD. Let me know if there's any more info or anything I can provide.... Maybe it doesn't need "better" covers, but it feels like some of you folks can do better with you're skills making art than a couple of concert tapers who should probably stay in our lane and just capture the music! haha!

Thanks in advance!



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