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2008.11.01 - Portland, Oregon, USA [DVD Menus]

11 January 2010 - 12:53 AM

Hi I am wondering if someone could do some sweet menus for me?

I recorded this source with my Digi cam and whatnot just wanting to get it finished up and released finally haha.

I would love to have

credit menu

chapter menu &

main menu

for the credit menu you could put Recorded and Authored by "Metfan91". and freely trade this, No re authoring or uploading to Torrent sites unless authorized by I Metfan91. idk something like that

you could use some pics from here on metontour I suppose or something ,but whatever you do use I am sure its fine, you always do amazing work.:)

but whomever does this for me I appreciate it


Shane aka Metfan91